St Augustine said,

“He who sings prays twice”!

Pueri Cantores India is bringing about a Renaissance in the area of Liturgical & Sacred Music.


growth in choral music

To provide inputs for growth in choral music - sacred and otherwise among the youth.

participate in liturgical events

To help youth understand and participate more fully in liturgical, cultural and other events through appropriate music.

interact with each other

To have youth from different parishes/schools/colleges and countries interact with each other on a musical, cultural, sociological and ideological level.


Pueri Cantores India Federation

We belong to the Foederatio Internationalis Pueri Cantores (FIPC) founded in 1944 by Monsignor Fernand Maillet. It is approved by the Vatican and comes under the dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life. By enabling children to experience the joy of serving God through liturgical singing, we offer them a pathway of education in the faith and in the practice of human virtues. In short, we are actively engaged in the New Evangelization. And what better way to learn than through the medium of music!

The International Federation has 32 federations, in 24 countries and organises Congresses as well as workshops that aim at getting more young people excited and involved in their pursuit of Sacred music. They are the evangelists of tomorrow!

Pueri Cantores India was established in 2013 by Oswald Cardinal Gracias and we are very happy to see this fledgling organisation (tiny as a mustard seed), grow and bear fruit under the leadership of our musical team and our ecclesiastical advisor.

Pueri Cantores india

Member Choirs

Holy Family Church, Andheri
St John The Evangelist, Andheri
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help make our Choir festival possible

The 19th Annual Festival of Sacred and Religious Music for all young people, actively immersed in choral singing, and in faith, understood through sacred music. We reach out to hundreds of young people annually.

Bringing a spirit of togetherness and staying connected has always been the essence of our festival. We!ve missed being in each other’s presence and singing as one. Music is the element that brings us together, making everything more magical. It’s universality brings in a sense of belonging and assurance that YOUR voice is still one of the others.

This December 2022, after two years of online festivals, we are live and in person once more bringing sacred music to all. The Event Venue is the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount Bandra. 

Our festival, created for the community, is only made possible through YOUR support. A small monetary donation from you helps us put together the festival for our little singers, with musicians and the sound and lights required to bring the festival to life. We welcome every donation small or large.

About us

Committee of Pueri Cantores India

Joseph Cordo

President, PC India & Vice President, FIPC

Celeste Cordo

Secretary, PC India

Joscelyn Dias

treasurer, PC India

Dawn Cordo

Head of Music, PC India

Fr Aniceto Pereira

Ecclesiastical Advisor, PC India

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